Butcher’s Cuts

The Butcher’s Dog have chosen a few butcher’s cut steaks for you to cook and enjoy at home.

Choose from the gamey tasting Hanger Cut, the beefy Flank or you might go for the Diamond Cut, the leanest of the three. However if you really want the best experience, you should try them all with the Complete Butcher’s Cut Package.

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Diamond Cut
This is a relatively new cut, shaped like a diamond and is the leanest of our 3 Butcher's Cuts. With a little more subtle flavour, treated well this steak resembles a fillet or single muscle rump when eating
Flank Cut
The Flank steak is also known as bavette. This cut brings the best intense ‘beefy’ taste and is really juicy. Butchered against the grain so this tender cut is best sliced thinly to maximise the texture
Hanger Cut

The Hanger steak is also known as an onglet and is similar in texture to flank but is unique since it has real depth of flavour and brings an almost game like taste

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Butchers Cuts - complete package
If you're struggling to choose your favourite cut of beef, we highly recommend you go for the complete package, where you will receive each of our 3 Butcher's Cuts -
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